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Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Collage

Multi-piece art or photograph collages have become a popular trend in home décor, offering the ability to showcase multiple prints or a series of related photographs. The scheme makes a statement, while filling a large amount of wall space and it’s perfect for adding some flare over headboards and sofas. While pictures may speak a thousand words, often times the pictures of your favorite wall décor ideas that you see in home magazines may not tell you how to execute the look. Whether you are looking for the structure of a grid-collage or the flexibility of a free-form collage, these tips and tricks can help you achieve a look you are sure to love!

Framing - When framing a set of prints that are the same size stick with the same frame and mat for consistency. This will also allow for easier execution when creating a grid-style collage. If the set of art pieces or photographs you are framing are a variety of sizes and orientations, take some creative liberty and select similar, but not identical frames. Both grid and free-formstyle collages can be achieved using frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hint: Make sure that the hanging hardware attached to the frame is the same distance from the top of each frame for easier picture hanging.

Location, Location, Location - Make sure the furniture in the room is in place before anything is hung on the walls. Collage wall décor is often best suited for large, barren walls over headboards, behind sofas and as desk backdrops. In some cases, structured collages can act as a headboard for more contemporary beds. It is also important to establish the height of the wall collage. Generally, artwork should be hung at eye-level. In the case of collages, the center of the collage should be approximately at adult eye-level.

Down to Business - Using a measuring tape, measure the area in which you would like to hang your collage. Then, cut a piece of brown craft paper slightly larger than the area in which the collage will be mounted. Lay this sheet of paper on the floor and consider it your makeshift wall space, allowing you to format, measure, and mark holes without actually marking up your wall. Lay out the framed prints on the paper, making certain that they are equal distance apart. Depending upon the size of the area your collage will fill, several inches (2-3 in.) are usually sufficient for creating a well-spaced grid collage. There is more flexibility in terms of spaces for free-form collages, though it is important to keep the pieces close enough to maintain visual cohesiveness. Once, the artwork is in position on the paper, using a pencil, mark a point, centered, at the top of the frame. Once this is completed for all frames in the collage, individually, remove the frame from its location on the paper, measure the distance of the frame’s back hanging hardware to the top of the frame. On the brown paper, using a marker, make a dot at the point where the picture hanging hardware will need to be placed on the wall (distance from top of frame to frame wire). Once a marker spot has been made for each picture in the collage, remove the brown paper from the floor and use masking tape to adhere it to the wall in the location where you wish to display your collage.

Picture Perfect Results - Once the paper is squarely in place on the wall; pull out your toolbox. For optimum adjustability, try Bulldog Adjustable Picture Hangers. The Adjustable Picture Hanger from Bulldog allows you the flexibility to modify the angle of the frame and to adjust the vertical position of the frame. Center the hanger over the marker dot on the brown paper and screw securely in place, through the paper, into the wall. Repeat this step for each picture (over each marker dot). When all hangers are screwed into the wall, carefully tear down the brown paper from your wall. Hanging your artwork will be a breeze, and Bulldog’s Adjustable Picture Hanger, makes repositioning of frames convenient eliminating the need for additional nail holes. Nothing can throw off the look of a collage more than a crooked picture, so also try out the Bulldog Reusable Picture Level to ensure that your project turns out picture perfect!

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