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6 Tips for Office Décor Bliss

As the end of the year rolls around, hours in the office can seem to get longer and longer. The start of holiday season can be hectic enough without letting clutter take over your workspace, so take the time to spruce up your workplace with these easy and affordable tips for updating your office.

  1. Artistic Additions – Framed artwork that reflects the energy of your industry makes a great addition to central workspaces and lobbies. Local artists are often enthusiastic about displaying their artwork in businesses, and it incorporates a sense of community into the office space. Bulldog Picture Hangers make securing artistic additions on your walls affordable and easy.
  2. A Coat of Color– No one wants to be surrounded by florescent lighting and white walls day-in and day-out. A fresh coat of paint can be just the solution to brighten up a business environment, so choose a sunny shade or a warm hue to make any office more welcoming. If you don't want to do a full paint job, consider painting an accent wall and stick with that color from office to office for color palette consistency.
  3. Creative Collages – A wall collage of family photos allows you to free up valuable desk space from frames, and personalize your workspace with familiar faces of loved ones. In addition, framed photo collages add a welcoming touch to bare walls of an office. Be sure to try out Bulldog's Adjustable Picture Hangers when you want to avoid multiple nail holes and endless frame adjusting.
  4. Going Green – Although the weather may not be getting any warmer, office plants can enhance the overall appearance of the workplace. It's a fact that office flora can relieve employees stress, eliminate air pollutants, and incorporate the outdoors into even the most urban of offices. When shopping for office plants, be sure to check the lighting requirements and choose accordingly based on the level of natural light in your office. For carefree office plants, look into corporate plant services that can take care of all of your plant maintenance for a nominal fee.
  5. Lighten Up – Forget fluorescents and lighten up with lamps around the office. Between the overhead glow of florescent lighting and the computer screen, eyes get tired, so warm up your workspace with desk and floor lamps. Even if you just want to enlarge a small space, framed and wall-mounted mirrors enhance and reflect light adding brightness and openness to every space. Plus, a great way to showcase business accomplishments and degrees is to mount individual, easy to install, picture spotlights above your favorite frames.
  6. Pin-spirational Boards – Organization meets inspiration with wall-mounted pin boards. Try out the trend of cork or fabric-covered bulletin boards as the perfect place for everything from newspaper clippings to notes. Pin up your calendar for easy viewing and access when your schedule needs updating. Inspirational boards in central locations throughout an office can encourage brainstorming and teamwork, and showcase creative business planning concepts. To keep your pin board from shifting or scuffing the wall as you add to your repertoire of inspiration, try Bulldog's Rubberized Picture Hangers, ideally suited for securing hanging items in place even if high traffic areas.

All of the recommended Bulldog Hardware picture hanging tools can be found at your local Wal-Mart.