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Tips for Making Your Home the Most 'Frightastic' Place in the Neighborhood

Halloween is right around the corner, and every year when the calendar reaches the last week in October, homeowners throughout the country start that annual ritual of trying to one-up their neighbors' scary décor, seeing who can put their most 'frightastic' foot forward at neighborhood Halloween parties. This year, the decorating specialists at Bulldog Hardware offer you these 5 tips for making your home the spookiest place on the block.

  1. Lighting – no haunted house is ever complete without bone-chilling lighting. In a perfect world you would have your dimmers on the darkest setting or your lights completely turned off, using only candles to create a bewitching glow. However, if candles pose a safety hazard for the youngest members of the family, consider visiting your local home improvement store to replace your everyday light bulbs with darker tinted bulbs.
  2. Door Hangers and Ghoulish Garland – greet trick or treaters and guests with eye-catching ghoulish art on your front door. One great choice for this is a Halloween wreath. You can start by using dead flowers and dead tree branches to create a 20" wreath that is dark enough for the Halloween mood. For added effect, incorporate plastic ravens, bats or spiders into the wreath to really give people the creeps. To take your entry way to the next level, drape a garland of dead flowers around doors, windows and porches. Bulldog Hardware suggests using a hanging device that will not interfere with the appearance of the garland, such as our Invisa Hangers, which are clear and can even be painted to blend in with the house trim or the garland itself. It really is the perfect method for displaying wall or door décor without a nail or hook taking away from the art.
  3. Inside Spider Webs – use artificial spider webs and spiders to add creepiness to the interior walls of your home. These props can be found at most party supply stores and really add to the Halloween theme of a home. The artificial webs and spiders can be secured to the wall using temporary adhesive hangers like Bulldog's Stic Mount family of products featuring hooks, strips and rolls. The great thing about using an adhesive hanger is that it is sturdy, yet temporary, allowing you to remove them after Halloween without peeling paint off the walls of your home.
  4. Bloodcurdling Painting Makeover – when Halloween comes you'll want to put that current family portrait or scenic landscape photo of a lighthouse on a beach away for the week. Instead, find some old paintings or portraits that are no longer of use and use some stick-on Googly Eyes to bring on the spine-tingling effects. If you do not have any old portraits that you're willing to ruin, pick up some cheap replicas of classic art work and deface those instead. You wouldn't believe the look on someone's face when they see the Mona Lisa's eyes moving. Remember, Halloween will be scary enough for everyone, without added fear that your favorite spooky wall art could fall and be damaged, so once you've doctored up your ghoulish décor of choice secure it in place using Bulldog's Rubberized Picture Hanger. The Rubberized Picture Hanger is designed to hold hanging art in place in high traffic areas - even when your ghosts and goblins slam the front door on their way out to Trick-or-Treat.
  5. Chilling Music – Many times people opt for the obnoxious shrill screams, creaky caskets and animal noises when it comes to choosing their Halloween soundtrack. Instead, create a CD of original scores from famous horror movies. These typically classical tunes are not over the top and will provide quite a fright when used properly. In addition, consider pumping music through the inside and outside of your home, using outdoor speakers. This way, anyone entering the home or walking by can enjoy the creepy compositions throughout the Witching season.

All of the recommended Bulldog Hardware picture hanging tools can be found at your local Wal-Mart.

Happy Haunting!!!