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Creative Tips for Adding Personality to Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms are often close-quarters and as such can be a decorating challenge. One of the best ways to overcome that is by utilizing wall space and freshening up old furniture to create a place just as unique as your child! Here are a few space saving, cost-conscious tips that are sure to help keep your little one’s bedroom neat and stylish.

Keep Toys Organized: Need more storage to keep toys tidy? Paint and hang inexpensive wall shelves to create a customized bookshelf. Keep in mind, that shelves holding your child’s favorite books and toys should be mounted low enough for them to access. Wicker cube toy baskets can easily be stored under low-mounted shelving. For fragile keepsakes, shelves should be hung safely out of reach of children, where the contents can be enjoyed without the risk of being destroyed. Bulldog’s Reusable Picture Level is a convenient way to make sure the shelves are level so items like prized baseball collections won’t roll away.

Colorful Accents Can Add Fun: Create a kid-friendly color palette and incorporate fabrics with different textures, weights and compositions for curtains, tiebacks, dust ruffles, throw pillows and blankets. Try outdoor fabrics that are pre-treated for water and stain resistance, in areas you fear may get messy. Use fabric remnants and a hot glue gun to re-cover a collection of multi-sized picture frames and then hang on the wall with Bulldog’s Rubberized Picture Hanger. The rubber coating will help keep pictures in place - even when kids are bouncing off the walls and slamming doors!

Personalizing The Room: Personalize your child’s space by hanging oversized monogram letters spelling out your child’s name or initials. Suspend each letter by a colorful ribbon that matches the general color palette of the room and hang on a Bulldog Invisa Hanger, which is clear and won’t disrupt the visual appeal of the ribbon. The hanger can also be painted to match the color of the wall or the ribbon.

Splash of Color Brings Old Furniture to Life: Pull that old dresser out of storage or pick up a used bureau from your local thrift store. Select a paint color that incorporates other colors from the room, and after a coat of paint or two, the dresser will look as good as new! Be sure to pull out the dresser drawers before painting, so that they do not dry closed. Check out your local hardware store and swap out the dresser’s old hardware for new colorful knobs.

Create a Custom Headboard: Design a wall collage above your child’s bed. Family photographs, printed in black and white, create a personalized touch and can be updated over time. For another cost-effective option, shop second-hand stores to find used copies of your child’s favorite books. Frame your favorite book covers and pages in a variety of frame sizes, incorporating color through matting, to create a personalized design. Since hanging collages can sometimes be tricky, try the Bulldog Adjustable Picture Hanger, which allows flexibility after you hang your art on the wall. With Bulldog’s adjustable technology, you can easily shift the location and angle of your artwork without having to create more nail holes in your wall.

All of the recommended Bulldog Hardware picture hanging tools can be found at your local Wal-Mart.